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Grandparents Rights

by admin on February 14, 2012 in Family Law

Grandparents rights to visitation is an important part of the well-being of the child or children when a family is going through a divorce.

When a family is going through a divorce, grandparents can get lost in the middle of feuding parties.

Legal assistance should be sought when grandparents being able to visit their grandchildren becomes a controversial issue.

Mediation is crucial when tension increases between grandparents and the custodial parents. New step-parents may create difficulties for grandparents wanting to visit their grandchildren.

Mediation helps to work towards the best solution for all parties involved. The child’s well-being is essential to the topic of grandparents rights to visitation in Oklahoma.

It is generally accepted that the grandparents are good for the well-being of the child, which means that grandparents rights to visitation should be protected.

When complications arise and emotions get involved, seeking legal assistance is important not only for grandparents rights but for the child or children involved.

In the state of Oklahoma, a specific set of criteria must be met in order to obtain grandparents rights visitation. These criteria must be followed or else the visitation of the grandparent could be in jeopardy.

Requirements for Grandparents Rights to Visitation in Oklahoma

  1. Prior Grandparent/Grandchild relationship
  2. Effect on parent/child relationship
  3. Any marital status of parents
  4. After step-parent adoption

If you and your family are facing a visitation issue, contact Garrett Law office. We can assist you as a third objective party come to the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Mediation is the best course of action when a common agreement can’t be found between the parents of a child however, it is not always possible.

Visitation rights and grandparents rights to visitation vary from state to state. It is necessary to know what rights are applicable to your family in Oklahoma.

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